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Diving With Us

The Diving


Boasting some of the best temperate water diving in Australia, Rottnest Island is a marine wonderland full or colour and life.

The boat is crewed by a Skipper and a Dive Officer who remain on the boat during the diving. Crews receive extensive training including First Aid to carry out their duties. On arrival you will need to stow your gear on the boat as directed by the Dive Officer and you will then receive a briefing on the day’s activities and safety procedures. You must be a certified diver to at least an Advanced Open Water level or equivalent and you will be asked to show your certification on your first trip out with us. If you are not diving with a buddy you will be paired up with someone of suitable experience or interest. Solo diving is permitted from the boat with the appropriate certification and equipment. If you have any particular issues or concerns regarding the dive then please discuss these with the Dive Officer and they will do their best to accommodate them.

Cray fishing is allowed from the boat but must adhere to all Crayfishing regulations (i.e. during season, license required, size limit, boat bag limit, and only in areas allowed etc.). Spear fishing and line fishing is not allowed on the UEC boat.

The dive sites are generally located around Rottnest Island and the Stragglers and many of them are exclusive to the UEC having been found in over 60 years of exploration. The actual sites dived on the day may differ from those advertised depending on weather and sea conditions. All boat dive trips are double dives, alternating between Saturdays and Sundays, unless advertised otherwise, with a surface interval over lunchtime. The boat will often go into one of the sheltered bays around Rottnest for lunch (note lunch is not provided). The boat will return to the Port Coogee Marina usually between 3 and 4pm depending on which sites have been visited.

Equipment Required 

You will need all your own dive gear including two tanks if it is a double dive, a dive computer and dive weights. The club has a number of tanks available for loan for a suggested donation of $20 if required. It is mandatory that you carry a safety sausage or surface marker buoy and you will not be able to dive without one. It is also recommended you carry a dive knife, a snorkel, and a compass.

If solo diving you must carry the appropriate equipment. 

You will also need food and drink for the day, appropriate spare/warm clothing, hat and sunscreen. There is an outside shower on the boat with limited hot water.

Note: UECWA does have a number of tanks available for loan but does not hire gear, however we do have an affiliation with Murdoch University Dive Club who offer UECWA members gear hire at reasonable rates. For more info head to Murdoch University Dive Club

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