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The UEC has many contributors and supporters to help the club operate by offering special member rates, prize donations, and other contributions.

 To become a supporter of UEC, please contact our Fundraising Coordinator at

Murdoch University Divers Club

MUD is a non-profit club catering to students, staff and associates of Murdoch University and is affiliated with the UEC. Members can loan gear at an affordable rate. The club has been in existence since 1979, and during that period the club has varied in activity – from periods of high membership and a varied social calendar to few organised events.

MUD offers UEC members gear hire at MUD rates.  Click here for more information

Curtin Divers

Curtin Divers is a club for Curtin students interested in SCUBA diving. Our objective is to provide a cost effective way for Curtin Students to obtain diving experience.

Reef Life Australia

Reef Life Survey (RLS) divers in Australia not only undertake monitoring of their local dive sites, but regularly gather in teams to survey targeted priority sites for long-term monitoring, or participate in survey expeditions to remote locations. The latest news from activities from the Australian RLS network is posted here

Dolphin Scuba Welshpool

Dolphin Scuba Welshpool is PADI 5-star Instructor Development Center and a TDI Technical Dive Center. Dolphin Scuba is also the first Dive center in Western Australia to offer Training, Sales and Service for recreational rebreathers.

In the past, Dolphin Scuba has generously supported the UEC with great prize donations for the UEC 60th birthday party.  In addition, they invite UEC to their annual Dolphin Open Day which is a great event to bring awareness to the Club.

Dive Tub

The DiveTub was created in 2007 to service the Australian Dive Industry with the best scuba equipment available. Dive Tub offer high-end gear, including recreational, technical and commercial equipment. Wherever possible they will price match any online dive store to ensure you get the best deal on your equipment!

 Dive Tub offers a 10% discount to UEC members.

Australasian Diving Academy

Australasian Diving Academy was established in 1997 by a group of diving industry leaders with the aim of becoming Perth’s most professional diver training and retail academy.  Australasian is an SSI traning center and has locations in Nedlands and Rockingham.

In the past, Australasian Diving Academy has generously supported the UEC with prize donations for the UEC 60th birthday party.


Interstate Friends of UECWA

Are you traveling interstate and want to dive with a like-minded club?



Web –
FaceBook –
Email –



VSAG usually have a night shore dive every Friday evening, and run boat dives on a Saturday or Sunday. Weather permitting, they are diving every week. The diving is off Member’s boats, and the number of boats can vary week-to-week based on availability and diver-demand.

Diving is generally on the Mornington Peninsula, about an hour and a half outside of Melbourne. The usual launch point is Sorrento.

It is important to note that the conditions in Victoria can be challenging, and generally the dives are at an advanced level (so may not suit everyone). VSAG try to select sites based on the experience level of the divers, as well as weather conditions.

VSAG are renowned for their safe approach to diving.

VSAG do not offer gear for hire apart from a small number of cylinders, so you would need to organise this. They can advise on places to hire gear if required.

There is some excellent diving to be experienced around Melbourne!

To enquire re dive spaces contact Ian Scholey on 0439 310646 or via email at

South Australia


Based in Adelaide, South Australia the Underwater Explorers Club of SA (UEC) is the longest running recreational scuba diving club in Australia.

As our name suggests we love exploring the marine environment. South Australia has many exciting dive locations and ship wrecks. The dive club does regular dives at locations within easy reach of metropolitan Adelaide and has frequent trips to the Yorke Peninsula and other regional South Australia dive sites.

Why not come with us on your next dive adventure.

Dive club members vary in experience from beginning open water divers to old salts who have logged thousands of dives. We are a friendly bunch and our experienced divers are more than happy to help out with those who are just getting into this exciting activity.
We run regular seminars for our members and maintain current skills in dive safety, diver emergencies and seamanship.

Have a look at who we are on our website www.uecof and if you are interested in coming to one of our meetings or on an introductory dive or you are visiting from interstate we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us at


The TUDC promotes safe and affordable diving catering to all levels of experience. They have dive sheds located at both Hobart and Launceston campuses, with dives run across the state on a regular basis. These dives include Night Dives and Research & Conservation programs.

The club currently owns two boats; the 15 ft Tristar aluminium Thumpin’ Willy, and a 20 ft rigid inflatable Trojan. They also own a portable compressor and a heap of dive gear – which you would have full access to.

In terms of costs – it is $15 for a single trip membership, and $25 for a half year membership. These Memberships are available for anyone from outside of Tasmania. You would then need to contribute towards the cost of diving in addition to these Membership fees.

The southeast of Tasmania is home to some of the world’s best temperate water diving. Day and weekend trips are regularly made up to Bicheno on the East Coast, out to Bruny Island, and down to the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas. A few of TUDC’s favourite dives include Waterfall Bay, Isle de Phoque, Nine Pin Point, Tinderbox marine reserve, Betsey Island shipwrecks, and the beautiful Fortescue Bay kelp forests.

If you are travelling to Tassie, you can check the diving schedule on TUDC’s website:… They are constantly posting to their dive calendar. However, if there is nothing planned (and they’re available) – they’ll organise a dive and beer when you’re around.

New South Wales

If you are traveling to Sydney and would like to tee up a dive, please e-mail either Donna at, or Mike at for details

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