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Since its formation the Underwater Explorers Club has been involved in working to maintain a clean and safe environment. Working closely with various organisations club members understand that to truly enjoy the environment, it also needs to be maintained for current and future generations.

Clean Up Days

Each year club members undertake clean ups across Perth, Rottnest Island and Busselton. These clean up generally involve removing man made rubbish that can be harmful to the environment and marine life.

 Our relationship with Clean Up Australia Day and Tangaroa Blue has been ongoing for many years and will continue for many more.

Check out this year’s weekend here

Reef Life Survey

UECWA has a long affiliation with the Reef Life Survey who conduct regular survey’s of the coastline. Reef Life Survey aims to improve biodiversity conservation and the sustainable management of marine resources by coordinating surveys of rocky and coral reefs using scientific methods.



Redmap stands for Range Extension Database and Mapping project. This project invites Australians to share sightings of marine species that are ‘uncommon’ to their local seas. Over time, Redmap will use this ‘citizen science’ data to map which Australian marine species may be extending their distribution range – a.k.a moving house – in response to changes in the marine environment, such as ocean warming.

Redmap members use their knowledge of the seas to help monitor Australia’s vast coastline. The citizen science data also highlights regions and species that may be experiencing more  distribution changes,  so that research can be focused into these areas.  


Fishwatch1800 815 507

The FishWatch phone line provides a quick and easy way to report sightings or evidence of:

  • aquatic pests;

  • aquatic diseases (including fish kills);

  • illegal fishing.

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