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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the most common questions.

  • Diving Fees

  • Equipment

    • What equipment is required?

      You will need all your own dive gear including two tanks if it is a double dive (note the club does have a few tanks available to loan for a $20 donation), a dive computer (or tables for the traditionalists) and dive weights. It is mandatory that you carry a surface marker buoy and you will not be able to dive without one (there are a couple of spares on the boat). It is also recommended you carry a dive knife, torch, snorkel, and a compass. If solo diving you must be certified as a solo diver and carry the appropriate equipment.

    • Is there hire gear available?

      The club has a number of Aluminium dive tanks available for loan for a suggested donation of $20. There is also an arrangement with our affiliate club Murdoch University Divers (MUD) so if you require anything other than tanks we recommend you contact either MUD or a local dive shop. Details of the MUD facility are on the link below. If using this facility please let MUD know you are a UEC nomination diver.

    • Is lunch provided?

      No. You will need to provide your own food and drink for the day along with appropriate spare/warm clothing, hat and sunscreen. There is an outside shower on the boat with limited hot water.

    • Does the Club own dive weights?

      We have a handful of spare weights on the boat for emergencies. We also recommend that you keep your weights separate from your tub/bags to make loading and unloading the boat a bit easier.

  • General Questions

    • What are the UECWA bank details?

      The UEC's bank account details are as follows:

      BSB: 066 136 Acct No: 0090 1972

    • What contact details are needed?

      We require contact details for all divers in your group when you book. This is name, contact number, email address and emergency contact names and numbers. Your emergency contact can not be a person that is also going for a dive with you on the boat

    • We are a Club not a Charter!

      We are run 100% by members of the club that volunteer our time. As such we ask that you be polite and patient with us not only on the boat but also when booking and making changes to your dives.

  • Interstate/Overseas/Visiting Divers

  • Membership

    • How much does membership cost?

      Membership Fees

      Ordinary Member$240

      Family Membership$440

      Student / Junior Membership$50

      Social Membership$30

      Country/Interstate/Overseas (CIO) $30

      Nomination Fee$80

      UEC membership is prorated for ordinary and family new members starting from October. Note that family membership is applicable to family members who live at the same address.

    • Is there a discount for students or juniors?

      Student membership is for those in full time education and junior membership is applicable to those between 14 and 18 years of age. Junior members under 16 may only dive with their legal guardian or parent and under 18 must have a signed parental consent form to dive with a nominated buddy.

    • When are membership fees due?

      Membership fees are payable on a financial year basis (i.e. July 1st to June 30th). 

    • Do you have to be a member to dive?

      You must be a Member or nominating for Membership to dive off our boat

  • Nomination Dive

    • Is there an obligation to join?

      There is no obligation to join after completing the nomination dive but you will only ever be able to do one nomination dive before joining the club.

    • How much is the Nomination Fee?

      We charge a nomination fee of $80 prior to joining the club (note this applies to single or double recreational dive trips). This is charged on a per diver basis and in return for paying the nomination fee we will give you a free dive day on our boat.

    • What is a Nomination Dive

      The nomination dive gives potential new members an opportunity to try the boat and see what the UEC is about and then to decide if they would like to join.

    • How can I book a Nomination Dive?

      Contact the Membership Officer for further information to book onto the dive. The dive will be confirmed by SMS or Email the evening beforehand.

    • How do I pay the Nomination Fee?

      Payment for the nomination fee is taken on the boat on the day of your nomination dive in cash. Members are able to pay EFT or cash for their boat diving.

    • Nomination, Medical and Liability forms

      These forms need to be completed and sent back prior to being granted access to the booking calendar.

    • What diving qualifications do I need?

      You will need an Advanced Open Water diving qualification or equivalent to dive from the boat.

  • The Diving

    • Does UECWA own a boat?

      The club owns a 12m purpose built aluminum dive boat. It can take fourteen divers comfortably and is fully equipped with all the appropriate safety equipment (Oxygen, Defibrillator, EPIRB, First Aid Kit, Flares etc.), rescue dingy, cabin, shower and toilet. At the rear there is an excellent dive platform with steps for easy exit from the water.

      Please note that for the comfort and safety of other divers and the crew the boat is designated a No Smoking environment.

  • Cape Cruiser

    • What time does the boat depart?

      The boat loads at the loading jetty at Port Coogee Marina at 7:45am for an 8.00am sharp departure. We usually return between 3 and 4pm depending on dive sites visited.

    • What days do you dive?

      Diving is on alternate Saturdays and Sundays and a full calendar of dives can be found on the UEC website

    • Who crews the boat?

      The boat is crewed by one of the club volunteer Skippers and a Dive Officers who remain on the boat during the diving. Crews receive extensive training including First Aid to carry out their duties.

    • What do I do when I arrive?

      On arrival you will need to stow your gear on the boat as directed by the Dive Officer and you will then receive a briefing on the day’s activities and safety procedures. You must be an Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) certified diver and you will be asked to show your certification on your first trip out with us.

    • I don't have a buddy

      If you are not diving with a buddy you will be paired up with someone of suitable experience or interest.

    • Is Solo Diving allowed

      Solo diving is permitted from the boat with the appropriate certification and equipment.

    • Is Cray Fishing allowed?

      Cray fishing is allowed from the boat but must strictly adhere to all Cray fishing regulations (i.e. license required, size limit, berried and tar spot, boat & bag limit, and only in areas allowed etc.). Spear fishing and line fishing is not allowed on the UEC boat during diving activities.

    • Where are the dive sites located?

      The dive sites are generally located around Rottnest Island and the Stragglers and many of them are exclusive to the UEC having been found in over 60 years of exploration. The actual sites dived on the day may differ from those advertised depending on weather and sea conditions. All boat dive trips are double dives, alternating between Saturdays and Sundays, unless advertised otherwise, with a surface interval over lunchtime. The boat will often go into one of the sheltered bays around Rottnest for lunch (note lunch is not provided). The boat will return to the Marina usually between 3 and 4pm depending on which sites have been visited.

    • Diving conditions

      The club dives in varying weather conditions, depths down to ~30m and currents and as such diving can sometimes be challenging. Due to this it is mandatory requirement for you to hold a minimum of Advance Open Water or equivalent as well as some recent diving experience. The club does many shore dives which you are welcome to join.

    • Calling off a dive due to weather

      The weather been unpredictable means that there maybe occasions when a dive is cancelled. You will normally be notified as early as possible the morning of a dive whether the dive is canceled. If there is a strong wind/weather warning predicted the dive will generally be cancelled the night before.

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